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The following arrangements will be put in place in the event of a lockdown as a result of COVID 19.

Over the summer we have had the chance to reflect on the provision the school provided from March 20th to July 17th 2020. 

Key questions we have asked are:

  1. What have we learned during that period with regards to home learning?
  2. What kind of learning is needed for children to make progress at home?
  3. How do we ensure equity?
  4. How do we attend to well-being?
  5. How can we improve our offer?

The guidance issued in July 2020 by the  DfE (Department for Education) stated that:

‘Remote education may need to be an essential component in the delivery of the school curriculum for some pupils, alongside classroom teaching, or in the case of a local lockdown. All schools are therefore expected to plan to ensure any pupils educated at home for some of the time are given the support they need to master the curriculum and so make good progress.’ The guidance issued on Friday 28th August 2020 states similar aims. 

The school has received many complimentary messages regarding the work that was provided and also the quality of the recorded lessons since March 20th . Staff adapted quickly to a new set of circumstances. 

When will remote learning be needed? 

We envisage a return to remote learning if  there is:

  1. A class or year group lockdown where a group of children have to self isolate. 
  2. A local lockdown 
  3. A national lockdown

In the event of either event the school will extend it’s remote learning offer through a mixture of:

  1. Synchronous Learning  - teaching and learning occurs together , simultaneously.  This is live teaching. This will be implemented from Reception to Year 6 but will vary based on the age of the year group. More guidance will follow. 
  2. Asynchronous Learning - students access learning at different times and work through at their own pace.  This will be a model similar to previous home learning where the children will be set independent tasks.
  3. A weekly  timetable with activities uploaded the night before. It will not be practical to upload activities a week in advance. 

What platforms will we use to upload work to?

We will use platforms that we have used previously

  • Seesaw for Early Years and Key Stage 1 
  • Google Classroom for Key Stage 2

The Home Learning website will no longer be used unless the whole school is closed. 

How will we prepare the children?

  • Some homework tasks will be set through both platforms on our return to school so children (and parents when needed) are proficient in their use.
  • Children in Key Stage 2 will have a session a week for the first half term so they are confident in using Google Classroom and different software that they may use at home. 
  • Teachers will rehearse ‘live streaming’ back to their class while in school.
  • We have ordered 60 new Chrome Books through the London Grid For Learning but due to the volume being ordered we will not receive them until October.
  • In the event of a year group lockdown the school will offer a device to those families who require one from Reception to Year 6 where the child does not have access to a device at home. Devices will be distributed initially to
  • Free School Meal children 
  • Pupil Premium children 
  • and then other families where a child does not have device (1 per family) 
  • Once the above is exhausted additional devices will be offered  to families who need more than one.

What will be expected of parents during a lockdown?

  • Participation in lessons will no longer be optional other than Nursery which is non statutory. If there are any specific family circumstances whereby a child is unable to participate in their learning  I am happy to discuss these on an individual basis. 
  • From Reception to Year 6 work (where required) will need to be submitted through Seesaw and Google Classroom by the end of the school day so the teacher can respond and comment where appropriate.
  • Children from Year R to 6 will be expected to register at 9.15am via Google Meet so the teacher can outline the day and then join another Google Meet to close the day. We think 9:15am is reasonable because in the event of a year group lockdown parents may still need to get siblings to school . The google meet code will be emailed to you via your parentmail account.

What next

We will send a survey as we did towards  at the start of the autumn term 

  • You must respond to the following questions
  1. Number of children in household.
  2. The number of additional devices you may need in the event the home learning has to be implemented.
  3. Whether your household has internet access
  • We will ask you to sign a home learning agreement regarding live streaming and appropriate safeguarding measures. 
  • We will provide you with a user guide for SeeSaw and Google Classrooms

We obviously hope that the need for home learning is not required again but equally we need to be prepared.

Page last updated 31st August 2020