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Earlsfield Primary School


Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery are taught by Niki, Dawn and Dinusha. They are supported by Sue and Leander. They can be contacted via yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk

Just as a reminder regarding general information, you can find the recorded ‘New to Nursery Information video’ that you received in July by clicking here.

We wish all of our families a warm welcome to Earlsfield Primary School Nursery. We have enjoyed meeting all of the children and many of our parents and carers during our ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. We hope that your child has some happy memories to help them settle in during the transition period. Already, we have many happy children who are settled within the space and confident coming in by themselves. We thank you for your support during this period as it has helped provide a smooth transition period.


In the Nursery we operate an indoor/ outdoor curriculum which means that children can access the outside space when they choose too. This promotes independence as the children are able to make choices and explore many new experiences each week. Please support us by ensuring your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather. This includes both applying long lasting sun cream at home before Nursery on very sunny days and always ensuring they have a jumper in school as the weather can change.


This half term will be spent ensuring that every child feels safe and welcome in the space and can confidently seek help and support when needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please use any of the following to find your answer:

    • Check the Frequently asked questions in the brochure sent with your admission paperwork.
    • There is a wide range of information available on our school website, please use this resource in the first instance.
    • If you have any questions or comments, please email the teachers directly through our year group email address. (yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk) As per school policy, the year group emails are always checked before and after session times. Urgent messages during session times should be directed via the main school office to ensure we receive them promptly.
  • We will also make regular contact by phone to keep you informed of how your child is setting into Nursery.

 Settling in and transition period


During this first half term we will be supporting children to become familiar with their new environment whilst building positive relationships with both peers and adults. Routines will be developed to support independence within the Nursery and ensure the children begin to feel confident when approaching us for help and support. The children will learn to play cooperatively whilst exploring the Nursery, developing an awareness of the materials and resources on offer. All topics covered throughout the year will take in to account the children’s interests and experiences. We enjoy the start of the year as much as the children, as we learn who they are and what excites them. We will share topic overviews and key books with you as appropriate throughout the year.

Throughout the year the children will have music sessions with our specialist music teachers; Mr Robin Hopcroft on Wednesday and Mr Felix Glen on Friday. Alongside music, the children will be involved in Wellbeing sessions in the form of yoga and meditation. These sessions will encourage the development of focus, attention and control over their bodies. Music and yoga will be taught on a weekly rotation to enable all of our children to engage in these sessions.

We look forward to making this first term in Nursery a fun filled experience. Please remember that every child deserves a calm and enjoyable transition period, adjustments may be made for individuals to ensure the process is a success for all families. Please support us by being sensitive of other children’s needs. We appreciate you following our drop-off and pick-up guidance, this is helping us all to stay safe and ensuring that the children have a calm start to their day.

 We look forward to working with you and your children to make this period a successful one. Clear communication is an important aspect of this stage. Please keep up to date by checking information on the website before making your query by email. Should you need to speak with a member of staff to discuss something specific, then we will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk to you.

We are here to work with you to give your children the best start to their education at Earlsfield. As always, if you have any questions please do get in touch with us directly via, yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk 

Times to remember


Our learning

Here is a selection of the topics that are taught in Nursery. We adopt a flexible approach depending on the cohort which means they may change or vary in length.