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Updated January 2022

Welcome to Nursery!

Nursery are taught by Niki, Dawn and Dinusha. They are supported by Sue, Leander, Jo and Collet. Nursery teachers can be contacted via yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk  (This email address is not for admission queries)

As per school policy, the year group emails are always checked before and after session times. Urgent messages during session times should be directed via the main school office to ensure we receive them promptly.

It was a delight to see the children bound back into Nursery, smiling and full of stories of their festive break. They are well rested and raring to go and we look forward to a fun filled term with them all. Within Nursery the children are working and playing as a cohesive group and are keen to explore new opportunities.  This term, we will be focussing our learning on 'Traditional Tales and Nursery rhymes'. The children will have the opportunity to listen to stories, use props to share their story knowledge, act out favourite stories and rhymes and engage in problem solving as they learn about a selection of stories ‘From a long, long time ago’!  We will be looking at a variety of versions of the chosen stories, and where possible we will share information with you so you can participate in their learning. The children have already shown their readiness to learn as they engaged actively in the topic launch during week 1, both sharing their own ideas and asking their friends which stories they like. New this term is Read Write Inc ( RWI) phonics learning. The children have developed their listening skills as part of whole class carpet sessions and we are now able to introduce phonics to our sessions. They will be learning three sounds a week and we will send home the information via Seesaw (our online platform) each week. For  more information about this synthetic phonics program please visit: https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/read-write-inc-phonics-guide/  We will also send out information as we progress throught he program. 

Did you know that your children are using ‘Makaton signs’ alongside verbal communication within the Nursery? Makaton supports communication and it also allows us to provide non-verbal prompts to support those children that may be less confident when speaking within the group.  Ask your child what signs they can teach you as they share the stories and rhymes with you.​ It is also important to focus on the key skills to support independence, encouraging the children to try and answer their own questions, problem solve as they work and play together and take responsibility for their belongings. Remember; the more you do for them, the less they learn to do for themselves!

As always, if you have any questions please ask us directly.


The Nursery Team


At a glance information

In the Nursery we operate an indoor/ outdoor curriculum which means that children can access the outside space when they choose too. This promotes independence as the children are able to make choices and explore many new experiences each week. 

As the doors are always open please support us by ensuring your child is always dressed appropriately for the weather. This includes both applying long lasting sun cream at home before Nursery on very sunny days and always ensuring they have a jumper and coat in school as the weather can change. We have wellies in the nursery that the children wear in the mud kitchen so they do not need to bring their own. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please use any of the following to find your answer:

Check the Frequently asked questions in the brochure sent with your admission paperwork.
There is a wide range of information available on our school website, please use this resource in the first instance and familiarise yourself with where key info is found.
Email the teachers directly through our year group email address yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk.

Throughout the year the children will have music sessions with our specialist music teachers; Mr Robin Hopcroft on Wednesday and Mr Felix Glen on Friday. Alongside music, the children will be involved in Wellbeing sessions in the form of yoga and meditation. These sessions will encourage the development of focus, attention and control over their bodies. Music and yoga will be taught on a weekly rotation to enable all of our children to engage in these sessions.

We are here to work with you to give your children the best start to their education at Earlsfield. As always, if you have any questions please do get in touch with us directly via, yearn@earlsfield.wandsworth.sch.uk 

Information to remember

Click on this link to watched the information session recorded by Niki Sanders, Nursery Leader

Click on this link to watch the current Nursery drop-off and pick up arrangements video:

Please remember that all children need to have a spare bag of clothes on their peg in case of accidents. These are to stay in Nursery until needed.

See below for current session times:

 Nursery session times