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Earlsfield Primary School

Our Work in the Community

Working in the community

The school’s values are at the heart of promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. This is a strength of the school. Pupils demonstrate a mature understanding of how these values help them to make positive contributions to their community. For example, pupils explained how the values of ‘care’ and ‘respect’ had inspired them to collect and donate items to a local food bank.

(Ofsted 2017)

We work as hard as possible to promote our standing in the local community and encourage our pupils to be responsible citizens in our local community.

Significant time is spent respecting and working around various cultures through assemblies, events, visiting workshops, guest speakers and visits to local places of worship.

Work with parents has resulted in a good uptake in family learning and positive feedback. We have an ever increasing number of parents volunteering in school.

Links with local businesses have led to visits to the local newspaper and food tasting at local as well as having AFC Wimbledon in close proximity to the school. It has also introduced the children to the mechanics of working life. The Police and Fire Brigade are regular visitors to school and the Rights Respecting School Council visit Parliament on a yearly basis in their role as leaders.

Engagement with local secondary schools is positive particularly with access to excellent sporting facilities.

The impact of our work has also taken the form of fundraising, supporting elderly residents, encouraging visitors to the school and working with the local MP.