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Earlsfield Primary School

Parent Workshops

We engage with parents in a variety of ways.

Once a term we run our popular Drop In and Join ins sessions. A short session with parents on a key development area is followed up with working alongside their child/ren in the classroom.

Other workshops carry a focus with regards to the curriculum or information sessions on areas such as PHSE, Secondary Transfer and SATs.

Please choose from the list below for further information. 

Workshop Date
KS1 and KS2: Reigniting a love of reading 03/11/20
Reception and Year 1: Learning and loving to read 05/11/20
Write and Shine 10/11/20
KS1: Marvellous Mathematics 17/11/20
Nursery: Maths is everywhere 18/11/20
LKS2: Think like a Mathematician 24/11/20
Nursery: Movements and marks 25/11/20
Reception: Ready, steady, write 26/11/20
UKS2: Think like a Mathematician 0i1/12/20
Homeschooling Heroes 25/01/21